Show Season

2018 Show Season:

Your Show Packs contain all of the info you need to participate in anything offered at our shows. All of our Shows are held at Falls Creek Farm in Oneco, CT. The following are any membership forms you may need as well as stall and camper/hotel info.

2018 NEPtHA Membership

2018 PtHA National Membership

2018 Stall and Camper Reservations

2018 Hotel Accommodations



  1. Exhibitors/Owners/ Lessees of all ages must be a member of National PTHA to show in approved Pinto classes. (Page 51,Rule D3. A & B in the 2017 Pinto National rule book).

  2. You must be a member of NEPtHA PRIOR to the start of the 3 shows in which you want to qualify for NEPtHA Year End Awards. EXAMPLE; You show July, August, and September but do not join until August, you do NOT qualify at all for Year End Awards. If you show July, August, and Sept and you join in July you DO qualify for Year End Awards. If you show May, July, and Sept and join in May, you DO qualify for Year End Awards. Please refer to NEPtHA Year End Requirements.

  3. You MUST be a member of NEPtHA PRIOR to the start of any show in order to qualify for weekend High Point Awards. You MUST show 1 more than half of the division classes to be eligible for weekend High Point Awards.

  4. All classes will run in accordance with the current PTHA Rule book. It is your responsibility as a member/ owner/exhibitor to know the en re National show rules and the NEPtHA show rules.

  5. Everyone must check in the show office PRIOR to showing, at this time YOU WILL BE REQUIRED to leave a method of payment. Registration, Coggins, Rabies, and ALL cards (AM, NOV AM, YOUTH, NOV YOUTH, PTHA, NEPtHA) WILL BE CHECKED at this time. Legible copies will be accepted for all HOWEVER all originals must be available if deemed necessary to check.

  6. You will be assigned one (1) back number for life. A non-refundable fee of $5.00 will be charged when obtaining the number and you will be charged $5.00 per year for reservation of the number (this will be charged on your show bill the first show you attend). You will receive a set for each back number. It is your responsibility to keep the number in a secure place. If you lose your number, a set may be printed & acquired from the show office for an additional $5.00. Every horse/pony/miniature will have one back number regardless of the number of exhibitors including Youth and Amateurs are showing the same horse/pony/miniature. Exhibitors must have both numbers displayed on each side of the horse for riding classes. (Exception: Showmanship, Trail In Hand, Halter, Driving, Bareback classes). It is your responsibility to make sure this is done and that you have the correct number or you may be disqualified at the judge’s discretion.

  7. Exhibitor behavior: Any exhibitor/handler/spectator on the show grounds who displays unsportsmanlike behavior or commits a cruel act against any animal (in the opinion of the show manager/show committee/show officials) or is guilty of fraternizing/ being disrespectful with/to the judges, or show personnel, prior to completion of the show, will be DISQUALIFIED from the show and forfeit all points & awards earned and any fees paid, pending investigation and review by the show manager/show committee/BOD/Grievance committee and may be asked to leave per our ByLaw.

  8. ALL judge’s decision is final. If a Judge has asked an exhibitor to leave the arena under no circumstances will the show manager question this with the Judges. LAMENESS is NOT disputable per PTHA rule. (Page 86 Rule 11s)

  9. Show management reserves the right to combine any class if there are 3 or less entries. If any class is combined for any reason all exhibitors will be informed. If any exhibitor disputes/declines the combined class they must let the show manager know as soon as the combined class is announced. Classes that are combined more than 2 times during the year will be combined for Year End Awards.

  10. Solid Registry horse may only show in PTHA Solid Registry classes. May cross enter into All Breed & NEPtHA appropriate classes/divisions.

  11. Green Horse Walk-Trot Division is for a horse/pony that is in their first or second year of showing. May cross enter into All Breed, NEPtHA, & PTHA appropriate classes/divisions. Exhibitor/trainer may show a green horse in walk/trot and another horse in walk/trot/canter classes. Based on the horse/pony, not the exhibitors riding level. A Trainer MAY NOT show in NEPtHA WALK-TROT classes. Classes will be double judged.

  12. NEPtHA Walk-Trot Divisions are open to Registered Pinto’s only. May cross enter into All Breed classes and PTHA appropriate classes/divisions. Solid Registry is allowed. Classes will be double judged. Trainers CAN NOT show in this class.

  13. All Breed Classes are open to all horses/ponies/miniatures. Horses do not have to be registered. May cross enter into appropriate classes/divisions. Classes will be double judged.

  14. Returned checks: A $50.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks. If a check is returned you will be required to pay IN CASH before the beginning of future shows. You have 7 days to make good on money owed. If you ONLY SHOW at the last show of the season with NEPtHA, you WILL BE required to pay cash, no checks will be accepted.

  15. Exhibitors 18 & under, we strongly recommend that you wear an approved safety hard-hat at all times while mounted on a horse, anywhere on the show grounds.

  16. Tack changes/holds need to be requested to the/gate keeper/ring steward a minimum of three (3) classes prior to the class the change is required for. Tack changes must be done at the in gate. You will only be allowed TWO (2) MINUTES to complete tack change PER NATIONAL RULE. (Page 69 Rule G11 A&B)

  17. ALL DOGS on the show grounds must have proof of rabies shot and be kept tied, leashed and under control at all times. Dogs are NOT ALLOWED in/or around any riding arena where Exhibitors are riding horses, in the holding area, or to be left unattended in the isles of the barn. The FIRST time you will receive a verbal warning and the SECOND time you will be fined $10.00 and the dog will no longer be permitted at the show.

  18. Ribbon Refunds: You may choose to receive either a ribbon or a ribbon refund for each of your class placings at each of the shows. Ribbon Refund will be subtracted from your show bill at the show issued, after you have filled out the refund form and they are checked with the ribbons person for verification. It is NOT the responsibility of the ribbon person to fill the sheets out, it is YOURS, the sheets MUST be filled out by the exhibitor by the end of each show day to alleviate long lines at the ribbon table. Please be sure your name, back number, horses name, and the class numbers with your placings are on the credit form. Credits are as follows: 1st – 6th place ribbons are $.50 credit, 1st -6th place medallions are $.25 credit, halter champion & reserve ribbons are $1.00 credit. The ribbon refund slips can be located at the ribbon booth or at the show office. IF YOU FORGET TO GET A REFUND AT THE TIME OF THE SHOW, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REDEEM AT THE NEXT SHOW.

  19. Stall/campers reservations MUST BE PRE-PAID BY CHECK . Stall/campers are available on a first come first served basis. All group reservations must be together and form filled out completely with payment from all parties, no payment, no stall/camper reservations. NO EXCEPTIONS. ANYONE WHO USES ELECTRICITY (plugging into the barn/another trailer, etc.) will be charged for a camper hook-up. On your stall/camper reservation form, you must provide the license plate number & State for the vehicle using the hook-up. In addition upon arrival at the show, you will receive a “paid” tag which must be displayed in your camper, otherwise, you will be charged accordingly. If you fail to cancel any stalls reserved by Monday PRIOR to the show date you WILL be charged in full for all stalls unless a Vet or Physician note is provided. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE . If you pre entered the show and fail to notify the show secretary by Monday PRIOR to the show date, ( if you cancelled stalls) you will be charged and billed a $20.00 offie fee unless you provide a Vet or Physician note. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Please refer to stall information & rules sheet.


  21. By the act of entering this show, spectators, visitors with children (must be supervised at all times) owners, lessees, and exhibitors agree that National PTHA and the sponsoring Charter Club, New England Pinto Horse Assn. Inc., Falls Creek Farm, NEPTHA show committee and NEPTHA Board of Directors shall not be held liable for any loss, injury, damage, theft, debits, in connections with this show.