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Welcome to the 2015 NEPtHA Show Season!

Board Meeting held at each show Friday evening 7:30pm.

May 16 & 17   Download Show Pack


Special Awards for the High Point Halter Horse PtHA and All Breed Points to count.

Youth Club Showmanship Clinic with Tom O'Neil

Youth Club Pot Luck Supper

NEHC Affiliated Classes, NEHC Medal Classes

Dog Races

NEPTHA Showmanship Classic Class


July 11 & 12 Download Show Pack


High Point PtHA Amateur Saddle

High Point PtHA Youth Saddle High Point All Breed 19 & Over Saddle

High point All Breed 18 & Under Saddle

NEPtHA 50/50 Versatility Challenge

Membership BBQ

Dog Races


August 15&16 Download Show Pack



NEPtHA In Hand Trail Classic Class

Over All High Point Youth Award

PtHA /All Breed Points to count


September 19&20 Download Show Pack


High Point Amazon Kindle Fire HD - St/Hn, Pl/Sd, Solid Bred, Utility, Pony (PtHA /All Breed), Mini (PtHA/All Breed), Walk-trot 19&O (PtHA/All Breed) Walk-trot 18&u (PtHA/All Breed)

NEPtHA Costume Class NEHC Affiliated,

NEHC Medal Classes Come be apart of New England Pinto Show season.

All shows are at Falls Creek Farm in Oneco, CT <<click to download directions>>

Stall Information

Hotel: The hotel for New England Pinto 2015 Show Season is the newly renovated Quality Inn. (

Quality Inn Plainfield
55 Lathrop Road, Plainfield, Connecticut


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