New England Pinto Turns 50!

In 1967 Walter and Ruth Clark and Lester Spears filed with The Pinto Horse Association of America to establish New England Pinto Horse Association.

Walter, Ruth and Lester began to build up the membership from participating in local shows and county fair shows.

In 1970 Jack Savioli became a member of New England Pinto, Walter and Jack were the first people in the area to be able to register Pinto horses with Nationals and would often drive out to farms all over New England to register horses and ponies.

Over the years the membership grew and In 1976 New England Pinto began holding our own shows and having awards banquets.

In the 70’s  New England Pinto Horse Association incorporated.

Our membership has grown over the years as has the Pinto Horses that are being exhibited at our shows, Nationals has approved new cross breeds and shows have grown, classes have been added and we found a home at Falls Creek Farm.

May New England Pinto continue to prosper over the next 50 years.


Congratulations to all! Our Saddle winners were:

High point youth Western and English Saddle winner Jesse Terran

High point Western Rider 19 & over Jen Cotton

High Point English Rider 19 & Over Carrie Newland

2017 Show Season Dates:

May 13 – 14
July 15 – 16
August 12 – 13
September 16 – 17

Check out our show season page for all of the information you will need to attend our shows.

A letter from our President

traceyDear NEPtHA Members ~

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost time to start our New England Pinto 2016 show season! I am excited to welcome all of you back for another fun filled season. We have a lot to be proud of in 2015 and your show committee has been busy working to maximize the fun, maximize the points, and minimize the fees! We have streamlined our class list to ensure full pointed divisions for everyone. Back by popular demand will be 4 classic classes, and the ever popular Costume Class. We are putting together a show booklet for the entire year that will have all information you will need throughout the 2016 show season. We will have our annual BBQ in July, and are working on a meal for every show, because this is a great way to meet your Pinto Family members. Doggie Races will return as well as Youth Club activities (Yeahh, let the stick horse competition begin!).

We have created a new awards program for year –end awards and from the feedback, it has been very receptive and exhibitors are more than thrilled with the choices we had to offer for prizes. In order to keep things moving along and in the right direction… we need sponsors to help with the costs of ribbons, prizes, awards, etc. Sponsor information you can get from Jac Cunningham. If everyone could get some kind of sponsorship that would be a great big help to the club.

In closing I hope you will all join me on this fantastic journey this club has started. We will make it back to the top, it hasn’t been easy, but we are on our way getting there once again! We will be the club that everyone wants to come show with! Looking forward to a great 2016 show season!

Lots of Love,

Tracey Imbaro