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          Welcome to New England Pinto Horse Association

As we close up 2019 we are working diligently to file all the necessary paperwork with Nationals for 2020.  Judges have been contracted, the staff is in place, weekend high point awards are being put together, Divisions and pricing are underway, patterns are getting finalized and all preparations for the 2020 season are coming together.

Our Membership will be on the rise again with the acceptance of Colored Appaloosa’s Registry in 2020.  this is your change to make NE Pinto bigger than ever…..  PROMOTE YOUR CLUB ! 

The more you promote our shows the bigger turnout we will have, it will mean more entries in classes, you will earn more National Points and Awards, and with a larger turnout at NE Pinto Shows we will be able to give you more classes for your dollar.

PLEASE EXPRESS TO EVERYONE we are offering classes for all disciplines and every classification of Horse, Pony, Mini, Mule and Donkey, we have the capability of being the areas largest shows because we now offer classes and accept registry for every breed of horse, this is HUGE potential to grow our shows and membership to new numbers.

NEW FOR 2020 NE Pinto website will have a TRAINERS SPOTLIGHT PAGE we will be highlighting trainers that belong to NEPtHA, Their Facilities and training specialties, programs offered at the facilities and contact info. the pages will alternate throughout the year.

We have been experiencing some browser issues due to updates, please bare with us we are working on correcting the problems so we can begin to get the 2020 Show Information

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 SPONSORSHIPS and ADVERTISING;                                                                                       
 Sponsors and Advertisers help us to deliver more for your show dollar, we are able to offer you more classes in your divisions for a better price, better weekend and year end high point awards, specialty events at the shows that bring the members together at the shows.  Word of mouth is one of the largest contributors to size of membership and classes, when people come and have a great time, get more classes for their dollar and great awards the word will travel throughout the horse community.

We are very excited to begin another year of shows at Three County Fairgrounds in 2020 and would love to see the shows grow to huge numbers of exhibitors and members.

In closing, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to any       one of us or a Board Of Director, we ask everyone to come on this amazing     journey this club is about to take into the future. Hope you all we be part of it. Warm regards,                

 President – Tracey Imbaro    Vice President – Sarah Nogacek

Secretary – Meghan  Kotecki  Treasurer – Kim Gonder 


YEAR END POINTS STANDINGS are out !                                          

 PLEASE review and notify Tracey Imbaro IMEDIATLY if you find a discrepancy.  If you fail to do so the points will stand as posted.




PtHA is now accepting COLORED APPALOOSA’S for registry
Info can be found on the National website at

All Colored Appaloosa Horses will be eligible for National Year End High Point Awards, ROM and other awards if registered with PtHA.

Colored Apps will show with the Solid Bred Horses at all Nationally Pointed Shows and will be eligible for Local Weekend and Year End High Point Awards if registered and exhibitor is a member of the local club PRIOR to the start of the show season. Year end points regulations can be found in the NEPtHA Show Rules.

This is a good thing !                                         

There is a very good chance this new rule will add to our membership and show exhibitors.

 NEPtHA Welcomes All Colored Appaloosa Horses for 2020

                         Advertising and Sponsorship

Interested in helping to raise money for the club or advertising your business? New England Pinto is offering great rates for spots in the Round Up. With that you get your logo added to our sponsorship area of the web site. 
                                  2019 Sponsorship Information      

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    2019 Classic Sponsorship


         2019 Spring General Membership/Board of Directors Meeting 

                                       10am       56 Mill St. Foxboro, MA.

directions –