New England Pinto Turns 50!

In 1967 Walter and Ruth Clark and Lester Spears filed with The Pinto Horse Association of America to establish New England Pinto Horse Association.

Walter, Ruth and Lester began to build up the membership from participating in local shows and county fair shows.

In 1970 Jack Savioli became a member of New England Pinto, Walter and Jack were the first people in the area to be able to register Pinto horses with Nationals and would often drive out to farms all over New England to register horses and ponies.

Over the years the membership grew and In 1976 New England Pinto began holding our own shows and having awards banquets.

In the 70’s  New England Pinto Horse Association incorporated.

Our membership has grown over the years as has the Pinto Horses that are being exhibited at our shows, Nationals has approved new cross breeds and shows have grown, classes have been added and we found a home at Falls Creek Farm.

May New England Pinto continue to prosper over the next 50 years.


Kathleen Gallagher
2017/2018 PtHA President 

KathyKathleen Gallagher has been a member of New England Pinto since 1990. Kathy has been a member of the Board of Directors, Show Manager and has participated with the club for many years. 

Kathy has always been active in club activities throughout the years whenever needed, Kathy loves her Pinto family. 

Kathy has been a Field Representative for more than ten years and was also head of the Amateur Committee. 

She was a State Director for three years before becoming a member of the National Executive Committee which is a five-year position to become President. 

New England Pinto family wishes Kathy a prosperous year as PtHA President. 

2017 Show Season Dates:

May 13 – 14
July 15 – 16
August 12 – 13
September 16 – 17

Check out our show season page for all of the information you will need to attend our shows.